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Kandukondain Kandukondain 2000

Anita Ratnam performs a cameo role in this film, which boasts of a mammoth star caste of top Indian film stars like Aishwarya Rai, Tabu, Mamooty, Ajith, Abbas and Srividya.

Adapted from Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility", this film by the well known ad film maker and director Rajiv Menon, is set in the picturesque locales of rural Tamil Nadu, with music by the renowned and highly acclaimed A.R.Rahman. "Rajiv is a very good friend of mine and the invitation to act in his latest film was a privilege," says Anita, who has also worked with him and his unit in earlier ad campaigns and respects his abilities and talent.

"Doing this film was a whole new experience for me as an artiste. Being a stage performer, I am used to the larger-than-life, broad gestures and Rajiv had to constantly remind me to "tone down" and be natural! Film is a medium of close-ups, where the person you are supposed to be talking to sometimes isn't there. During such sessions, the sense of timing that I have built up through dance, really helped" she asserted.

Talking about her role, Anita said, "Today, there aren't enough interesting roles for women over 40 - its either the stereotypical weepy martyrs or the avenging Durgas! The role I played had many shades and nuances and was quite unusual. It was really an opportunity to hone my skills and further evolve as a performer," she declared.

Director Rajeev Menon says, "I never expected Anita to be so good. She has a pivotal role and she really held her own alongside such noted actors like Mamooty, Srividya and Aishwarya. Her TV experience, dance and theatre background stands her in good stead and gives her so much of confidence and sheer regal presence ! I am really so satisfied with her work."

The film won a lot of recognition and played to packed houses all over India.

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