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We happened to be at the DESH program on January 17th in which you had appeared in a guest role. We were very touched by the depth with which you handled the solo numbers in particular. In expressing the plight of an HIV positive victim, your eyes were glistening with tears: tears that showed hurt, indignation, despair and above all a plaintive search for hope and support! The maturity and experience of a seasoned artiste came through unmistakably. Congratulations!
Narasimhachari & Vasanthalakshmi, 21 January, 2002

Anita Ratnam, the danseuse set the mode for the evening with an introductory, solo Upanishadic number which appealed to the universal Light to "illumine what is dark in me, raise and support what is low in me". Her final number was equally vibrant.
R SRINIVASAN, CityExpress, Chennai, Wednesday, June 27, 2001 - (After the "Help to Colour My World" concert for National Association for the Blind on June 22, 2001)

Thank you for your performance... I think the first surprise for everyone was getting something original; the way you delivered the lead monologue was very vital... your performance has authority and indignation... The sequence of Uma and her tapas is a piece of perfect dance... you could portray any scene from Vedic literature using such a highly evolved style...

This is the first time I have seen you and your troupe perform... your dancers are excellent actors, there is a whole dialogue going on here that is easy to follow even though nothing is being said... the music you use and the pieces of recitation are very good, they all fit perfectly... your way of showing whole realities through such concise and minimal means is fantastic... I have never been afected by dance before at this depth

SCOTT LOCKHARD, From the Audience (In response to U-MA! At New Delhi in March 2001)

I have for a long time wanted mental illness and health to be portrayed though the medium of dance and music and in a form understood by the common man. Anita has done an excellent job in conceptualizing this so well. I would like this to be shown in various parts of the country.
Dr.SARADA MENON, Psychiatrist and Founder SCARF(Schizophrenia Research Foundation ), Chennai (In response to MANASI, February 2001)

The feedback we have received has been very encouraging. The focus has been on how the complex theme of mental health was simplified and conveyed through a different medium. The narration was brilliant. In fact, a couple of friends have suggested we take it to the USA.
Dr.THARA - Director SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation ), Chennai (In response to MANASI, February 2001)

The music was excellent and so was the dance. The portions on suicide and women were particularly appealing.
Mr.V.T.SOMASUNDARAM, Chairman,Tiruchi Distilleries (In response to MANASI, Feb 2001)

Dearest Anita - You not only merged the artist in you by depicting the ocean churning in all of us but your love and affection (for Raghu) came out so beautifully… It meant a lot to have you do this for us, and when touched with such deep meaning, it was very special.
Dr. VIJAYA RANGARAJAN, Director, CAN-STOP (Cancer - Support Therapy to Overcome Pain), Chennai (March 2000)

We believe our cause and our morale is boosted by small successes and from the constant motivation and help from concerned and responsible individuals like yourself. We would like you to know how much your contributions and commitment towards the cause of empowering mentally challenged homeless women means to us.
VANDANA GOPIKUMAR & VAISHNAVI VIJAYAKUMAR, Founder Trustees, The Banyan, (October 1999)

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