December 23 25, 2011 Chennai
Kartik Fine Arts presents
MAD and DIVINE women
Mystic saint poets of India and beyond
Natya Darshan Seminar
Info: mad.n.divine@gmail.com


Dear Ms. Anita

All said and done opportunities do knock at our (KFA) doors. But in case of a transparent person like you, the Divine makes the extra effort of not only knocking at KFA's doors through you but also opening them ajar!

That is why this entire conference was spruced with Divinity, Grace, Presence & Radiance. Thank you for making it an absolute grandeur and the year after will and should take it to the next level in content & all other attributes!

I wholeheartedly thank your Team for the well coordinated rhythm in the whole conference, visible in everything the Team did! Looking forward to the next year with much more attributes!

Yours sincerely
Lakshmanan Sabaretnam
(Jan 12, 2012)
e-mail: sabaretnam@gmail.com

The three days of "madness" and "divinity" were wonderful! I so enjoyed the sessions and the performances. I believe that the entire event was a huge success, and Anita with her usual professional capabilities has made yet another significant mark on the Chennai scene.

The coverage by Narthaki.com was commendable as it is such an important site for Indian dance and we all diaspora folks really appreciate reading it.

Ketu H Katrak
(Jan 4, 2012)
e-mail: khkatrak@uci.edu

Dear Anita di
Heartfelt thanks to you and the Mad n Divine team
Congratulations for the impeccably organized conference!
Premiering 'Nirvaya' at the conference was a very important and poignant moment in my life.
Thanks for asking me to inhabit the world of the mystic Sharanes...

Warm regards
Madhu Nataraj
(Dec 30, 2011)
e-mail: stemdance@hotmail.com


This December in Chennai with the 'Mad-n-Divine' group was an unforgettable, beautiful, exhilarating, beyond-this-world (I can go on and on!) experience. The support and encouragement that I received from all of you and especially Anitaji, was unforgettable.

I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of the entire Lasya team for this wonderful, exhilarating experience of performing in Chennai, meeting other eminent artists, listening and sharing their thoughts and witnessing their fabulous presentations. Our entire stay in Chennai was like being in another paradigm altogether... A 'Mad-N-Divine' paradigm - an entire world on its own.

I am eagerly looking forward to seeing you all again.

Thanking you.
Culturally yours,
Rajashree Shirke
Director, Lasya
(Dec 29, 2011)
e-mail: rajashreeshirke.2008@rediffmail.com

Dear Dr. Ratnam

Thank you very much for inviting me for the conference.  Working on a new subject was a thorough learning experience.  But there is some more which I can say.  You have set a benchmark regarding organizing conferences/conclaves.  The opening of door, the stage arrangements were something which I can think of implementing in my place.  Please let me comment, the sarees and jewellery complimented each other and indicated your level of involvement in this Conference. It was a feast for the mind and eyes with a range of speakers and performers.

The staff was very helpful and co-operative.  I can understand, the sleepless nights they underwent.

Thank you for the hospitality and the lovely dinner. Maitreyi thanks you.

Madhavi Narasalay
(Dec 28, 2011)
e-mail: madhavinarsalay@yahoo.com


Dear Anita

Thank you for the wonderful event you designed; and thanks to your great team too who took such good care of us that we felt welcome and could concentrate on the exchange of ideas!
The conclave was special - and nurturing - in many ways and I was delighted to be a part of it.

With regards
Priya Sarukkai Chabria
(Dec 26, 2011)
e-mail: surpriya34@gmail.com

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