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ARANGHAM DANCE THEATRE (ADT) was established in 1993 by dancer/choreographer Anita Ratnam in Chennai, India.

It comprises a team of young, professional dancers from around Chennai, who have been further trained by Ratnam's individual style of dance-theatre. ADT as a professional dance company has performed in several important venues throughout India.

The company's repertoire ranges from full-length productions and contemporary dance-theatre productions that reflect the dynamic heritage of India, to cross-cultural experimentations and programs for young audiences. ADT also actively creates work for the corporate sector and for several NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) who wish to highlight their work with a difference. In association with Chennai-based NGOs like The Banyan, CAN STOP (Cancer - Support Therapy to Overcome Pain), SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation), Ability Foundation and NAB (National Association for the Blind) Art's work "speaks" for the times, forging deeper bonds of love and awareness between patients, family and society.

At the forefront of international collaborations, Anita Ratnam and ADT have built several relationships with eminent dance institutions in USA, Canada, France and Singapore. In 2003, UTPALA, was premiered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Sutrarasa, a contemporary dance festival. VAITHARANI a collaboration with director Dipankar Mukherjee premiered in 2002 at Toronto, Canada and has been widely performed in India. DUST with Dance Alloy, USA, has been rated by a panel of dance writers across the northeastern United States as one of the 'Best Choreographic Choices Of The Year 2001'.

Members of ADT also participate in other activities of Arangham Trust, the umbrella arts foundation which include "Arangham Interactive," the Education-Outreach Programs that visit schools and colleges, conducting workshops on the joy of movement and sharing India's cultural heritage.

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