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A very successful launch to the joint ventures between InterGlobe Enterprises and Accor Asia Pacific... I would particularly like to acknowledge Anita Ratnam of the Arangham Trust, Chennai, for adding the special zing!
Uttam Davé, President & CEO, InterGlobe Hotels (Accor JV), New Delhi, January 2005

Awesome performance...Your initiative to customize something specially for us, is amazing...Your ability to articulate both verbally and artistically, is exactly what we were looking at, and we're so glad we had an opportunity to watch you, and your troupe perform... Thanks for a great show. And till we meet again, the very best to you and your pursuit.
Mr. Indusekhar Chandrasekhar, Senior Associate, Corporate Communications, Cognizant Technology Solutions, January 2005

I gratefully acknowledge your immense contribution to the "Grass to Gold" Jewellery Convention. Your dance performance was simply superb and scintillating, and needless to say, held the audience mesmerized for the entire duration. No wonder the speakers and the delegates responded in full applause for you and your team.
Usha Krishna, Chairperson - Convention Committee, Crafts Council of India, October 2004

Thank you for the most exquisite dance recital...the combining of Bharatanatyam, folk and Kerala martial art dance form was not only most original and creative but the effect it had on people was stunning! The energetic and well planned dancers, the beautiful music, the very different sets and lighting, created magic on the stage for one hour...people cannot get over your eloquence and stage presence!
RANJANA RAMCHANDER, General Secretary, Hemophilia Society – Bangalore Chapter, February 2004

I personally wish that I will be able to watch your programme many more times in future. My thanks to you and your wonderful team.
Mr K K SASIKUMAR, General Manager (P&A),ITC Limited, Bhadrachalam, December 2003

A spectacular performance...the choreography, costumes, music, explanation and dance were excellent. You and your group at Arangham have obviously worked very hard and are where you are – innovatively bringing traditional dance to make India global.
RANJINI MANIAN,Proprietor, Global Adjustments, Chennai, January 2003

I have received feedback from several participants that points out to your performance being the highlight of the event. In my opinion, the balance that you struck to satisfy the needs of the Indian as well as overseas participants was the critical aspect in making the show a grand success that it was...A big thank you from the Dow family.
RAVI MUTHUKRISHNAN, Managing Director, DOW Chemical International Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai

I could never have imagined that something so entertaining, original and Indian could be presented in such a fashion!
Ambit Corporation
(New Delhi, 2001)

To keep a 400-strong, impatient, GE audience quiet and engrossed for 45 minutes is a feat in itself! The skill and imagination behind this show has really created such a terrific impact.
GE Capital
(New Delhi,2001)

Thank you very much for contributing greatly to the spectacular show (Bridge) that you jointly created as a team. You were witness to the ecstasy that everyone in the audience went through. Some of them did not express their feelings explicitly as they were still in a trance...Looking forward to doing many such great shows with you and your team not just in Chennai but all across the country.
Brand Director,
Lowe Lintas & Partners
(Chennai, September 2000)

Your dance ballet added a new dimension to the entire evening's programmme on the occasion of our tenth anniversary celebrations. It was indeed a great pleasure to meet you and have the pleasure of watching the product of your outstanding talent.
L V Prasad Eye Institute
(Hyderabad, December,1997)

What a difference to the normal fare we are used to in our country! Blending Western ballet systems with mythological Eastern themes requires creativity of a high order and it was amply evident in the evening's performance. My two daughters who are Bharatanatyam dancers, came away with a greater respect for the art and for the variants it could be put used to.
S CHARI, Managing Director
Nagarjuna Finance Limited,
(Hyderabad, December 1997)

The juxtaposition of English verse with dance is so intruiging. In a very subtle and reflective way, the performance brought out the the subtle erotic beauty of ancient Tamil literature.
Vikram & Geetanjali Kirloskar

The Arangham performance at the Marine Symposium was refreshing and it enlivened the atmosphere. The pieces were the right length and well selected.
Vice President Technical,
Fairmacs Shipping and Transport Services, November 2000

Arangham packages Indian culture in a way that corporates can assimilate. Most mariners are hard pressed for time, and have no patience to go into art forms in detail. At the same time they feel the need for artistic stimulation. The Arangham performances acquaint corporates with the finer aspects of the performing arts without becoming boring. And for a spouse it makes the Symposium an event to look forward to!
DEEPA KAMATH, Graphic Design Consultant, November 2000

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