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150 min, June 1998, Singapore


Choreography: Neila Satyalingam
Music: L. Krishnan
Dialogues: V. V. Subramaniam

O. S. Arun as Kovalan
Anandavalli as Madhavi
Anita Ratnam as Kannagi

Presented in a blend of traditional and modern motifs for an international audience, Kannagi is a Broadway-style musical production narrating the epic Tamil story of Silappadikaram (The Tale of the Anklet).

With English dialogues and Tamil lyrics, the story is about Kannagi, whose husband Kovalan deserts her for the charms of a beautous court dancer Madhavi. Kovalan is falsely accused and killed for stealing the queen's anklet. A sorrowful and enraged Kannagi challenges the king and exhorts the gods for justice finally causing the entire city of Madurai to be devoured by fire.

Critics Speak about Kannagi
... an epic production
- Tamil Murasu

A Tamil opera in English for the Angreziwalas. Now that's a first.
- Outlook

Anita Ratnam's transformation of Kannagi from the docile wife to a thundering figure of righteousness was done superbly.
- Strait Times

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