Lectures / Talks delivered by Anita Ratnam

"Dance is fast losing its footing in city, said Anita Ratnam as part of her talk on "Changing Face of Chennai's Dance Scene" during the Madras Week Celebrations.
- The Times of India, Chennai, August 23, 2012

Talk on MYTH, RITUAL AND THE FEMALE BODY at the George Washington University, DC on October 7, 2010 Reactions
Many thanks for the beautiful, generous, and thoughtful performance / workshop last night. The students are all buzzing about you today. The weaving of history, culture, and your art into one rich performance tapestry was inspiring. We are all thinking about goddesses and women differently; you added to the full scale of a woman's potential. Also, the introduction of your creative process and the specific movement vocabulary enhanced our appreciation of the intimate shared evening. Many thanks for all of your work.
- Mary Buckley, Associate Professor, Theatre & Dance, EJS Women's Leadership: Arts and Culture, The George Washington University

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