December 18, 2008
Anita Ratnam performed Ahalya, Once again stone (Neo Bharatam & Contemporary) at Sri Krishna Gana Sabha's Natya Kala Conference 2008
Theme: Ramayana in Performing Arts


"I enjoyed your presentation on Ahalya. You validated what I've felt about her. I have been sceptical about Rama for years but decided to do a program on him this year, hoping for a cathartic effect."
Vidya Subramanian, California

Congratulations on your intelligent and thought provoking presentation which actually gave us a different perspective on a story from the Ramayana. I especially appreciated that, under minimal theatrical environment, you still l used lighting cleverly. Your presentation was a refreshing change from the usual melodrama that surrounds these feminine characters.
Ramaa Bharadwaj, California
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