Arangham Dance Theatre presents
Second edition of Learning Labs
In Sept 2020, Chennai
Apply by 15th June 2020

Learning Labs are yearly intensives held every September for a group of 8 to 10 classical dancers and choreographers with high-profile visiting artists in an intimate, immersive studio space. Learning Labs are a unique opportunity for classical dancers to get out of their comfort zones; reflect on their creative practice; and expand their toolkit for moving and making. Following the success of Learning Lab#1: Countertechnique with Niharika Senapati, we are stoked to invite applications for the next season.

Curated by Dr. Anita Ratnam in partnership with Dr. Nithya Nagarajan. 

Photo: Damian Vincenzi  

Learning Lab#2: Butoh
Butoh, originally called the ĎDance of Darknessí, was conceived in Japan during the late 50ís and early 60ís as there was a social need to find an expression through dance after the turmoil of war. Rather than aspiring to an aesthetic ideal, the dance attempts to expose the joys and sorrows of life, exploring the most fundamental elements of physical and psychological existence. It goes beyond the confines of specific cultures and aims for a universal expression. Oft referred to as an anti-aesthetic, Butoh also crosses the boundaries between dance and theatre creating a unique form of expression. Butoh requires no previous dance training.

In the former part of the workshop, participants will explore:

在り方    Being-individual body presence

重力    Gravitating

感覚    Perceiving

空間    Spatial elements, both internal and external

ため    Accumulations, Isolations and sensations

間(ま)'Ma' sense of emptiness, Active blankness, Active pause

記憶    Memory and Poetry

型/面    Form and Mask

摸写/反復  Copy and Repetition

想像/創造  Imagination to Creation

In the latter part of the workshop, participants willexplore the elements of embodied presence through different themes including:




KANKI- 喚起 (provocation),歓喜 (joy), 換気 (ventilation)

Embracing the unknown

Dates: September 13- 20, 2020 approx
Venue: Arangham Studios, 10 Cenotaph II Lane, Teynampet, Chennai 600018
Cost: Free of charge.

Interstate applicants will be provided with food and accommodation at a subsidised fee.

Application Process: Competitive
Please apply with a 150 word artist bio and an additional 150 word expression of interest on how the workshop will enhance your practice as a dancer/choreographer. Attach a headshot / performance shot with your application.

Applications are to be emailed to arrraksha@gmail.com by 15th June 2020
Only 8 to 10 participants will be selected and the decisions will be made at the discretion of the selection committee.

Guest Facilitator: Yumi Umiumare

Photo: Gregory Lorenzutti           

Born in Hyogo, Japan, Yumi is an established Butoh dancer and choreographer from Australia. She has been creating her distinctive style of works for nearly 30 years and her works are renowned for provoking visceral emotions and cultural identities. Yumiís works have been seen in numerous festivals in dance, theatre and film productions throughout Australia, Japan, Europe, New Zealand, South East Asia and South America, and have received critical acclaim and garnered several Australian Green Room awards. Her own major productionís credits include DasSHOKU Butoh cabaret series (1999-2014), EnTrance (2009-2012) and PopUp Tearoom series and now creating new show DasSHOKU TeaParTEA! in 2020.

As a choreographer, Yumi has worked with many socially engaged theatre projects in Australia with aboriginal communities, refugee communities, culturally diverse people and company with and without disability groups. Yumi has also choreographed a work for Japan Contemporary Dance Network for their national dance festival and a recipient of the fellowship from Australian Council (2015-16). She was a winner of the Green Room Awards of Geoffrey Milne Memorial Award for her contribution to Contemporary and Experimental Performance. Yumi is an artistic director of ButohOUT! festival in Melbourne, and teaches nationally and internationally, including a recent trip to Germany, Portugal and Poland.


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