In 2001
Date Jan 1, 2001
Show Corporate Show
Venue The Palms, Chennai
Organiser Shipping Corporation, Chennai

Date Feb 16, 2001
Show Corporate Show
Venue New Delhi
Organiser Ambit Corporation, New Delhi

Date Feb 25, 2001
Show Maanasi…a journey through the mind - Premiere
Venue Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai
Organiser Schizophrenia Research Foundation, Chennai

Date Feb 27, 2001
Show Corporate Show
Venue New Delhi
Organiser G E Electricals, New Delhi

Date Mar 3, 2001
Show Naachiyar
Venue Cochin
Organiser Dharani, Cochin

Date Mar 4, 2001
Show Lec-Dem of Naachiyar
Venue Cochin
Organiser Dharani, Cochin

Date Mar 14, 2001
Show U-MA! The elements within – Premiere at "Woman & Peace" Colloquium
Venue New Delhi
Organiser The British Council, New Delhi

Date April 5, 2001
Show Showcase of Performances for International Dance Day
Venue Chennai
Organiser Russian Cultural Centre, Chennai

Date April 15, 2001
Show Corporate Show
Venue Chennai
Organiser Vandana and Vaishnavi, The Banyan, Chennai

Date July 27, 2001
Show Talking Drums
Venue PSG Institute of Medical Sciences Auditorium, Coimbatore
Organiser G V Centre for Performing Arts, Coimbatore

Date July 5& 6, 2001
Show Conference by Sutra: Broader Based Cultural Perspectives and its Implications in Redefining new Contemporary Aesthetics Conference Paper by Anita Ratnam: New Directions in Indian Dance "The Mysterious Reality in the Arts" - Anita Ratnam, Sulaiman Esa & Ramli Ibrahim
Venue Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Organiser Sutra Dance Theatre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date July 20-22, 2001
Show 2001 Dance Critics Annual Conference: WRITE ON! LINKS TO THE PAST, VISIONS OF THE FUTURE Moderators: Anita Ratnam, Garth Fagan and Miriam Soto on:INTERCULTURAL BODIES: Dance Collaborations Across Borders
Venue School of American Ballet, New York, USA
Organiser The Dance Critics Association, New York

Date Sept 6-9, 2001
Show Topic: BHARATANATYAM IN THE DIASPORA – Spiritual, Classical, Contemporary Anita Ratnam on Panel Discussion "Intercultural Collaborations"
Venue The Dance Center of Columbia College, Chicago, USA
Organiser Natya Dance Theatre, Chicago

Date Oct 3, 2001
Show Naachiyar
Venue Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Organiser Soorya Festival, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

Date Nov 19, 2001
Show Gajaanana for Gargi College
Venue Gargi College, New Delhi
Organiser Ms Hema Raghavan, Principal, Gargi College, New Delhi

Date Nov 26, 2001
Show Naachiyar at Kaisiki Natakam Festival
Venue Thirukurungudi Temple, Tamilnadu
Organiser Arangham Trust

Date Dec 1–7, 2001
Show The Other Festival
Venue The Museum Theatre, Chennai
Organiser Anita Ratnam (Arangham Trust) & Ranvir Shah (Prakriti Foundation)

Date Dec 3, 2001
Show Naachiyar
Venue Nalli's Gana Vihar, Chennai
Organiser Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai

Date Dec 4, 2001
Show Gajaanana
Venue Chowdiah Hall, Bangalore
Organiser Harvey Heart Hospitals, Bangalore

Date Dec 27, 2001
Show Naachiyar
Venue Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai
Organiser Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai