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Performances in 2006

Dec 30, 2006
Neelam, Drowning in Bliss by Anita Ratnam
At: Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai

Dec 11, 2006
SUBRAMANYA BHARATI - dance by Anita Ratnam on Bharati's birth anniversary, accompanied by Revathy Sankkaran
At: Bharati Illam, Triplicane, Chennai

Dec 1, 2006
Arangham has taken the responsibility of reviving this 10th century performance-art, unique to this temple.
At: Thirukurungudi, Tamilnadu

Nov 3, 4 & 5, 2006, 8.30pm
7 GRACES... the many hues of Goddess Tara by Anita Ratnam for SUTRA, In the Second Flush series.
At: Amphi-Sutra, 12 Persiaran Titiwangsa 3, 53200, Kaula Lumpur

Oct 31, 2006
7 GRACES... the many hues of Goddess Tara by Anita Ratnam.
At: Magick River/Maycliff - Ipo Kota Balu, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sep 23, 2006
ARAYER SEVAI - FROM TEMPLE TO THEATRE - a lec-dem organised by Emory University by Anita Ratnam.
At: Atlanta, Georgia

Sep 16, 2006
NEELAM, A world premiere TRIBUTE TO MS SUBBALAKSHMI at York University festival organized by Lata Pada and Sampradaya Dance.
At: Toronto, Canada

Sep 7-10, 2006
Anita Ratnam and Krithika Rajagopalan - The world premier of Red Earth and Pouring Rain, a tribute to the late poet A K Ramanujam at the international conference and festival organised by Natya Dance Theatre - THIRTIETH ANNIVERSARY SEASON with DANCE INDIA: CHOREOGRAPHING TRADITIONS.
At: Cultural Center and the Harold Washington Library Center, Chicago

Aug 15, 2006
NEELAM, a solo for the 25th anniversary of the International Dance Alliance. The theme - NATYA NAKSHATRA MAALIKAl
At: Narada Gana Sabha Main Auditorium, Chennai

Aug 1, 2006
FIRE AND ICE, a corporate show for MSPL Ltd
At: Hospet, Karnataka

July 13, 2006
Dance performance of 7 Graces by Anita Ratnam at Magdalena Women's Theatre Festival
At: Singapore

May 12, 2006
International Pranic Healing Convention - a 3 day gathering of 2000 pranic healers from across the world. Dance performance of 7 Graces by Anita Ratnam (the many manifestations of the Tibetan Goddess Tara), in the presence of the grand master Choa Kok Sui
At: Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai

Apr 18, 2006
Interface 2006, Contemporary dance festival - a 4 day meet of dancers, choreographers and scholars. Dance performance of 7 Graces by Anita Ratnam (the many manifestations of the Tibetan Goddess Tara)
At: Kolkatta
Organiser: Sapphire Dance Creations Workshop

Mar 18-19, 2006
Master Class for senior students
At: Heidelberg, Germany
Organiser: Alexandra Romanova

Mar 18, 2006
Lecture demonstration and performance
Anita Ratnam spoke and performed excerpts from her repertoire about Araiyer Sevai and Transcreating ritual movement for the modern stage
At: Heidelberg Germany

Mar 13, 2006
Performance of 7 GRACES
For the Womens Studies Department, Sujata Moorti, Professor

Mar 11, 2006
Dance Master Class and Workshop for senior dancers
At: LOTUS STUDIOS in New York city

Mar 9, 2006
At: Fordham University Theatre Department, New York City

Mar 6, 2006
IAAC dance evening with several senior New York based dancers
At: Indian Consulate, New York
Organiser: Aroon Shivdasani

Feb 27, 2006
Solo performance of DURGA
At: Natyanjali, Nagapattinam

Feb 26, 2006
Solo performance of DURGA
At: Natyanjali, Chidambaram

Feb 25, 2006
Solo performance of DURGA
At: Natyanjali, Kumbakonan

Feb 19, 2006
Performance of 7 GRACES
At: Studio ADISHAKTI ( Veenapani Chawla's space), Pondicherry


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