Dr.Kapila Vatsyayan, Director of the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts said, "Anita combines in herself the sensitivity of an artiste and the critical objectivity of a scholar. She exhibits an incisive understanding of ancient Indian theatre and brings in a modern sensibility. She analyzes with penetrating insight and rare lucidity. Anita represents the new generation of dancers and scholars who have emerged in modern India."


N2, a smart, young and fresh offering from the NARTHAKI family. Aimed at dancers and creative dreamers between ages of 16 to 40, this digital baby emerged in August 2020. Our wish, at TEAM NARTHAKI is to stimulate and encourage a new generation - to engage via social media and all the gadgets now available. To speak, discuss, share, perform and create a more equitable and open space where art and art making is the central focus, with dance as the fulcrum. Let us bring politics, economics, history, health, lifestyle and gender into the mix. Let us look at the many roles that young dancers are playing - juggling their lives all around the world while staying connected to the dance art.
- Dr. Anita R Ratnam
Founder, neonarthaki

Neo Narthaki for new age dancers
- The Hindu, Friday Review, 21 Aug 2020

Amping up the dance space
e-avatar - Neo Narthaki
- Deccan Chronicle, 16 August 2020

Dancer, presenter, cultural entrepreneur and social activist, Chennai based Dr. Anita Ratnam conceived, edited and published two best selling editions of Narthaki (1992 & 1997) - the directory of classical Indian dances.

When NARTHAKI was published in 1992, it received a rapturous response and came to be called the ‘Bible’ of Indian dance. The second edition in 1997 was welcomed for the continuity it provided. When Narthaki went online in April 2000, the enthusiastic response exceeded expectations. At last, the leverage and consistency for the Indian dance fraternity spread all over the globe.

Technology has truly become a friend of the Arts. The net is the perfect medium to keep pace with quick and regular updates, instantly capable of recording movement, growth, new dimension and offering the ideal connection. It is only when we embrace technology with openness and pragmatism that we can grow, and our art can nurture, survive and thrive. 

An essential networking tool for the dance community, Narthaki.com features:
- A comprehensive Address Bank of practitioners and teachers of Indian classical dances worldwide, dance musicians, dance festivals, dance spaces etc
- Performance listings
- Previews
- Reviews & reports
- Profiles of dance legends
- Interviews
- Flash news
- Dance snippets
- Articles
- Research papers
- Quotes
- Health column
- Obits

Special columns by eminent writers and scholars include:
- Taalam by Leela Venkataraman
- Footloose and Fancy Free by Dr. Sunil Kothari
- Eastern Eye by Dr. Utpal K Banerjee
- Soch by Dr. Arshiya Sethi
- Dance Matters by Ashish Mohan Khokar
- Choreographing Between Two Worlds by Janaki Patrik

The highlight of Narthaki is the carefully crafted monthly editorial by Dr. Anita Ratnam and the newsletter that goes out on the first of every month.

Narthaki has also made its presence felt on social media on Facebook and Instagram.

In May 2020, in response to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, Dr Ratnam produced and presented 7 weeks of a digital dance series titled BOXED which had dancers from around the world create 2 minute videos from their locked down locations.

In November 2015, Anitha Guha’s Bharatanjali Trust awarded www.narthaki.com for its path breaking work in the world of dance. 

In October 2017, Milapfest Selection Committee chose NARTHAKI.COM and Dr. Anita Ratnam as its Founder Director, for the first International Arts Award VISHWA KALA RATNA. The award celebrates and acknowledges the sterling contribution made by dynamic, well established individuals /organizations towards promoting and strengthening Indian Arts globally.

NARTHAKI received the 1st CHINMAYA NAADA BINDU PURASKAR for dance, instituted by the Chinmaya Naada Bindu Gurukula in February 2020. The citation award recognizes organizations / individuals for their enriching contributions and globally unifying initiatives in the field of Indian dance and music.  The citation reads: “NARTHAKI has been chosen for being the first of its kind digital platform, creating a unifying space for Indian dance practitioners, dance-educators, event organizers, critics, scholars, and aspiring young students, from around the globe, and for consistently providing a healthy forum for free and bold debates and dialoguing, without fear of censorship, about issues that concern dancers and the dance community. This Citation Award also offers special recognition to Anita Ratnam as Narthaki’s founder and managing editor both for creating and managing Narthaki, as well as for her other vital contributions to the dance field…”

I have watched this little, small, madness of mine take wing and become the daily habit of thousands of dance maniacs around the world. How strange and wonderful that a bee-in-my bonnet that stung me in New York twelve years ago could morph from one book, a second edition and finally into its current avatar in cyberspace!

We have relished going techno-savvy, building bridges with new friends, countries and proposals. The way this medium has taken a giant hold of our lives is quite exciting and forced us to acknowledge that we are on a common journey of creative enterprise - we can reach out and share as fast as we can get or give, we cannot be left behind.

We are honored to be able to share this site with our dance network around the globe. We hope you feel this way too.

- Dr. Anita R Ratnam
Founder and Consulting Editor
Check out Narthaki Online

Anita Ratnam celebrates World Dance Day with 30 years of NARTHAKI
Contributing profoundly to her beloved domain of arts and performing arts Dr. Anita Ratnam has always been on the forefront to propagate, nurture and protect the art.

More to technology
- Pulse Autumn 2003


Did You Know?

Book published in Dec 2014. A collection from information featured in narthaki.com
    The little booklet DID U KNOW is a very good read.
    - Ashish Mohan Khokar

    I'm amazed at the collection of your information on various arts, artists. It is super. Congrats! I'm sure this will be a good reference book for all genres of dancers. Thanks for giving me a copy, will share it with my students also.
    - P Praveen Kumar, Bangalore

Book release: Nirmalam -The genius of S Sarada
December 17, 2005 Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai

NIRMALAM: THE GENIUS OF S SARADA is an offering of love to a great teacher. Published by Anita Ratnam for Arangham Trust in celebration of Kalakshetra guru S Sarada's 90th birthday, Nirmalam was released on Dec 17, 2005 after the lec-dem by Dr. Sunil Kothari, at the 25th Natya Kala Conference.

Narthaki: A Directory of Classical Indian Dance (second edition, 1997)

Narthaki: A Directory of Classical Indian Dance (first edition, 1992)

Natya Brahman, Anita Ratnam's first book on the comparative drama traditions of India and Greece was published in 1979 in Chennai (Madras) and is considered essential reading by many dance students.

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