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HER and BLISS.. in chapters - Critics Speak
experiments in neo bharatam
a collection of dances exploring the divine feminine through dance, voice, storytelling and ritual gesture

An Afternoon with Andal
- Sumathi, Sydhwaney, June 10, 2012

Anita Ratnam demonstarted in the first piece she danced  (Ambika) that she can address all planes of experience through her dancing - intellectual, rational, aesthetic, emotional, and spiritual. The final piece however, Seven Graces, inspired by the Busshist goddess Tara, remained on the spiritual plane throughout. While this puzzled some of her audience, perhaps more used to the mimetic aspect of Bharatanatyam, I found her performance of this piece, bypassing as it did any reaction of the mind but addressing that complex area we call the spiritual, deeply satisfying and profoundly moving.
- Nicholas Routley, Classical Composer, Brisbane, Australia, 9 June 21012

I think you were very generous with sharing so many slices of your work. And Andal was my high point - the richness of the music, the intensity of the emotions, and your 'abhinaya' all came together beautifully.
Overall what struck me about your work is that in many pieces you are bringing back the original unity of the total performance - one in which the performer also speaks and sings - I do think we have lost a lot of richness and emotional directness in the course of the reforms, commercial imperatives and attempts to bring in a mass audience - and your performance and talk reminded us of the richness of small venues in bringing back the sense of communication between artist and 'rasika'.
- Dr Kalpana Ram, Director, India Research Centre, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, 6 June 21012

An ode to feminine energy
- Sharmila Basu Thakur, The Telegraph, Calcutta, July 23 , 2011

To capture the essence of the Divine Feminine, to communicate Her Infinity, to portray Her myriad forms and moods, requires rare courage, penetrating insight and intense devotion. Anita combined these qualities with her profound knowledge of not only the movement arts, but also the literary and the aural.

The unexpected satirical rendition of the modern and contemporary woman was the culmination of another trajectory, circling into completion the attempt to connect with the Goddess. This performance - discussion was an unparalleled method of understanding "HER and BLISS" through chapters.
Read the entire article
- Jnanapravaha Quarterly Newsletter Jan-Mar 2011

I, me and Laxmi
- Janhavi Samant, Mid Day, Nov 2, 2010

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