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HER and BLISS.. in chapters - Synopsis
experiments in neo bharatam
a collection of dances exploring the divine feminine through dance, voice, storytelling and ritual gesture

HER and BLISS.. in chapters.. an exploration of the divine feminine in five chapters. Through the choreographic motifs of NEO BHARATAM, the performance arcs through the multiple faces of woman - mother, lover, devotee, ascetic, rebel, friend, goddess. Ambika, Andal, Sati, Parvati, Meenakshi, Tara, Mahamayee.

Using classical South Indian dance forms of Bharatanatyam, Mohiniattam and Kathakali as base motifs, the choreography draws on a range of other movement traditions -tai chi, wu shu, yoga, kalari, tamizh folk and temple ritual gestures. The soundscape echoes this artistic design through Vedic hymns, sacred chants, operatic arias, tribal drumming and spoken voice.

HER and BLISS.. in chapters. is a palimpset - a new dance-writing layered upon an older existing vocabulary; an overlaying of images and impressions of the woman as performer whose body and being has been the site of numerous interrogations through time.

ANDARI... adoring
Honoring HER... the source of life

The fire of love

GODA... imagining
When love inflames a passionate monologue

MEERA... swirling
Drowning in Bliss

PALIMPSEST... invoking
An excerpt from 7 GRACES (2005)
inspired by Goddess Tara of Tibet

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