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Adirohana - The Ascent - Critics Speak
60 mins, 1998

"Adirohana" was a lesson in coordination and professionalism... the production held the audience spell bound... Palani and Gayathri were a perfect foil to Anita... Brilliant choreography, great music by O S Arun, excellent lighting and appropriate props all added to the enchantment of the production... an unforgettable experience indeed!
K.SUBADRA MURTHY, Bombay Bulletin, NARTANAM, A Quarterly Journal of Indian Dance, April-June 2004
What is really a most difficult subject to understand was simplified in the dance imagery, the clarity of projection making abstract dance convey the meaning most effectively... Memorable was the way a sense of movement was so effectively conveyed... a visual and introspective experience
The Hindu, New Delhi
A tough and complex production but presented well. Anita with the help of two male performers, showed there is a lot of scope for exploration within the traditional parameters of Bharatanatyam.
The New Indian Express, Bangalore
A dancer who is transiting fast through the spaces of tradition and reaching out to modern kinetic experience is Anita Ratnam... Two kootuppattarai actors and their excellent body control, framed Anita's vision with great clarity... The final segment was memorable.
The Pioneer, New Delhi
The inspiring music composed by O S Arun, enlivened the impressive dance choreography by Anita Ratnam
Manjari Sinha, Scholar & Critic
Ratnam's artistic direction was well timed and compressed, a skill that she has learnt as a TV producer abroad.
The Asian Age, Bangalore
From the Audience
Anitaji, it was an evening that I shall never forget. Mumbai audiences always demand something novel and overwhelming, "Adhirohana" was one such production that truly captured our hearts. The concept of 6 chakras was beautifully conveyed with 3 brilliant performers and the use of props (the cloth) was truly fantastic. It is such a difficult concept to understand (as a dance graduate, I studied 6 chakras in relation to Indian temple architecture) but your dance just simplified the concept through movement rendered with such clarity and exactitude.
SHRIKANT SUBRAMANIAM, Dance scholar, Mumbai