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Adirohana - The Ascent - Programme Note
60 mins, 1998

Adhirohana - The Ascent, describes the upward flow of evolution - psychological, physical and spiritual. Rooted in a single verse from the Soundaryalahari (a ninth century Tantrik text), the piece examines the yogic aspirant's vision of the universe once the dormant Kundalini Sakti is awakened.

The yogi's goal is to rouse the vast potential of psychic energy, to ascend through the six chakras - the organised centres of consciousness and finally to unite with pure consciousness, having transcended gross and subtle experience. The aspirant is able to see and experience subtle states of evolutionary consciousness as each of the psycho-kinetic chakras are penetrated by the dynamic Kundalini envisaged in serpentine imagery. The subtle Tantrik theories of cosmic creations and sustenance by the dissected language of the bijamantra plays a significant role in this process.

Adhirohana describes in visual and physical terms the ascent of the Kundalini Sakti and the subtle material and oratory systems connected to it. The first chakra contains the essence of the earth element, the second, water, the third, fire, the fourth, wind, the fifth, space, and the sixth, intellect. Once the Kundalini has pierced through the various levels of evolutionary consciousness, it "descends", resulting in the flow of kulamrta, the nectar of spiritual emancipation.