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75 mins, 2002

Sharp bright flames of imagery and action lit up the stage, the physical movements corresponding to the inner rhythm of emotions... A discourse that drew on a variety of art forms - theatre, music, dance, literature, cinema and painting... A group of splendid artistes performed with commitment the difficult roles in an abstract work... Anita Ratnam's charged dancing, Bhagirathy Narayanan's mature acting, PC Ramakrishna's diction. Revathy Sankkaran's singing, Mu Ramaswamy's nostalgia and the other young dancers, Nikhila, Palani, Chandra, Akhila and Aarti, made the stage pulsate with energy.
- KAUSALYA SANTHANAM The Hindu, Friday, August 9, 2002

"Thiraikadalodi" could well be the first step in the evolution of a new art form, a happy blend of music, theatre and dance(traditional and modern), pointing a moral maybe, but also telling a tale so well that the moral sells itself... The group has the right mix of talent and motivation. They are on the right track and should go ahead.

- N VAIDYANATHAN The Arts Column, CityExpress, Thursday, August 8, 2002

It literally went beyond the stage to make the whole world its stage... the narration is non-linear, dialogues are sparse, characters engage in monologues in both English and Tamil and allusions swiftly change... Nevertheless it caught your attention... Bagirathy Narayanan's histrionics and Anita Ratnam's emotive dancing saw to it... You recognise the poignancy... you instinctively understand the loss of innocence... The production values were top notch

- SANDHYA SOMAN CityExpress, Chennai, Saturday, August 3, 2002