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- Business India, May 12-25, 2014
This year, the annual MUDRA festival theme was "MOTHER AND CHILD" where various celebrated dancers showed us their wishes, dreams and memories of what was and how they raised their own children. Behind them lay centuries of thought, training, human joy and anxiety, as performers conveyed specific stories, hoping to immerse us anew in the various 'nav ras' we experience as humans. The dancers communicated with music, poetry, storytelling, musings and movement.

Dancer Anita Ratnam has worked on her vast knowledge again and again at the best institutions like Kalakshetra and trained in assorted discipines here and abroad. One thinks of her as a "first class woman" in so many ways as she has repeatedly thrilled audiences in New York and elsewhere. Her work is deeply researched ad skilfully executed, showing aspects of power and shades of human existence. In CIRCLES OF LOVE, she reminisced about the loved Jabala story, where Rishi Gautam Haridrumat accepts Satyakam as a disciple when the youngster simply replies," I am my mother's son and do not know my father."  The rishi accepts him happily, saying only a Brahmin (one who knows Brahma) is sincere, truthful and seeks knowledge and since this boy was so truthful, truly he was a Brahmin.

Dance devoted to motherhood
- Vijay Shanker, Afternoon Despatch & Courier, Mumbai, May 6, 2014

Colours of Life
- Malavika Sangghvi, mid-day,  Apr 29, 2014

Circles of Dance
- GS, chummachumma.blogspot.in, Apr 29, 2014


Steps’ Mother
With the Mudra Dance Festival woven around the theme of motherhood this year, a personal essay on when a dancer becomes a mother
By Dr. Anita R. Ratnam




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