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Daughters of the Ocean (discovering the goddess within...) - Programme Note
A Contemporary Dance Theatre Production by Anita Ratnam & ADT
60 mins, 1999

In Daughters of the Ocean, nature of humanity is akin to a flowing river. Every stream has a source, a beginning and every river has a destiny - the ocean. The liquid energies of Indian goddesses have been the catalysts for the dance-theatre production which tells the time-honoured stories of Sri Lakshmi, Saraswati and Durga. These female icons of beauty, energy, power and wisdom hold a relevance in our everyday lives. The joy of creativity, the power of beauty and the danger of unbridled ambition create a frame for the production. Embedded within this structure is an unframed object - the storyteller - who speaks of myth, family and life.

Who told the first story? Who were the characters? How did it end? Think of the vast oceans having "mothered" the endless waves of stories, with different rivers to incubate and conceive them. From the depths of the churning ocean rises the resplendent Sri Lakshmi, holding the nectar of awareness; from the flowing waters of the hidden river Saraswati, we can sense the pulse of our intuition and creativity waiting to be tapped; in the annual ritual of immersing Durga in the ocean waves, we wait for her power and courage to saturate us.

Daughters of the Ocean points to these waters. Listen to the oceans and hear their tales. Listen to the waters. Listen to the waves. Feel the undercurrents. Understand the wind. Hear their stories. The oceans contain the wisdom of the ages and the power of timeless authority.