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Gajaanana - The God of Good Things - Critics Speak
75min, 1997

Gajaanana was innovative in the use of props and the seamless integration of narrative, music and movement…a bold re-telling of the story of the endearing elephant headed son of Parvati
RAVE, Bangalore, May 2004

A bold re-telling of the story of the endearing elephant headed son of Parvati.

Rave, Bangalore, May 2004

At the "Uday Shankar Shatabdi Samaroh", Kolkata: On February 23, Anita Ratnam's "Gajaanana" was the only noteworthy presentation. It demonstrated Ratnam's mastery of the various dance styles of South India…her treatment of mythology was superior.

- Sulagna Mukhopadhyay, The Telegraph, Kolkata, March 1, 2002

At the "Cultural Confluence", Delhi University: The festival was kicked off by a splendid dance-drama – "Gajaanana" by Anita Ratnam…the audience enjoyed every movement and nuance of the drama to the hilt.

- Yojna Gusai, The Statesman, New Delhi, February 20, 2002

Anita and her troupe had every one glued to their seats. Everyone kept quiet but in the end the applause said it all

- A. A. Michael Raj, The Hindu, Coimbatore, July 31, 2001

Anita Ratnam has reinterpreted tradition in a very responsible way…the "final procession" was relished by the packed audience...a really praiseworthy show.

- Anandi, Dinamani (Tamil), Chennai, December 30, 1998

Orthodox myth and a very contemporaneous treatment find a new polarity

- Leela Venkatraman, The Hindu, Chennai, December 28, 1998

... an exquisitely crafted theatre dance which merges the intricacies of the classical dance form with the dance on palm leaf and kora grass

- Pushpa Chari, The Hindu, Chennai, February 15, 1998

A fresh and original production…the entire dance ensemble had energy and the choreography was dynamic and engaging

- Vaasanthi, India Today (Tamil - national weekly), Januray 14, 1998

Simple costumes and minimal jewellery gave an earthly effect to the production to which the mixed audience of scientists, professionals, artists and connoisseurs could relate

- Vasanthi Sankaranarayanan, The Economic Times, Chennai, January 11, 1998

The classical and the folk have now begun to mix frontiers and go back to when they were all the same in India

-V R Devika, The Week, January 4, 1998

The entire performance is notable for the Jathis and Slokas that built up the story

- K. Lakshminarasimhan, The Indian Express, Madurai, January 4, 1998

... an enchanting quality of the old and new - Anita scored in the concept, choreography and imagination...

- Dr. Sunil Kothari, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, December 20, 1997

A choreographical presentation in a unique dance language in which the body "talked" and expressed the theme

- Pratima Sagar, The Hindu, Hyderabad, December 12, 1997

A syncretic blend of Bharatanatyam, Therukoothu, Thapattam, Kalari and modern dance… a novel apect was the Vedic chantings when Ganesha attained Godhood

- Radhika Rajamani, Andhra Pradesh Times, Hyderabad, December 7, 1997

Hyper-kinetic body movements with clock-like precision, Anita Ratnam is blazing a new trail with her unique dance form

- Shukla Dasgupta, Newstime, Hyderabad, April 18, 1997