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Gajaanana - The God of Good Things - Synopsis
75min, 1997

The Hindu pantheon encompasses symbolisms which extend into every realm of human experience. These symbols are visualised in the form of deities, ranging from the most beautiful and calm to the most hideous and ferocious. Ganesha, the most beloved of the deities, is verily the embodiment of auspiciousness (subham) - He is the God of Good Things.

Arangham Dance Troupe's presentation of Gajaanana has been drawn from puranic narratives built around a dynamic circuit of abstractions of Ganesha's visual imagery - his elephant face, for example, and his vehicles, in the four great epochs - the lion in Krita Yuga, the peacock in Treta Yuga, the mouse in Dwapara Yuga and the horse in Kali Yuga.

The choreography integrates Bharatanatyam with Tamil Folk traditions of Terukoothu and Tappattam. It has also used dissected forms of martial arts, yoga, modern dance, Vedic chanting and spoken sollukattus (drum syllables).