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a dance theatre solo by Anita Ratnam

Many faces of Feminine Divine
- Mark Jacobs, The Hindu, 7 Feb 2019

Anita Ratnam concluded with her fresh perspective that characteristically redefined the boundaries of Bharatanatyam.
- Redefining boundaries by Kumudha Bharahram, The Hindu, February 7, 2014

A woman of many talents, Anita Ratnam (who I fondly call Anita Akka) presented excerpts from her choreographic work Ma3ka. The red costume, the music, and that expressive face - enough said. She stunned the audience with her presence on stage.
- Masoom, Art Manager, Nritarutya (a dancer, a physiotherapist and a novice art reviewer)

Daughters of an Ocean
Anjana Rajan, artindia.net, March 25, 2011

To capture the essence of the Divine Feminine, to communicate Her Infinity, to portray Her myriad forms and moods, requires rare courage, penetrating insight and intense devotion. Anita combined these qualities with her profound knowledge of not only the movement arts, but also the literary and the aural.

The unexpected satirical rendition of the modern and contemporary woman was the culmination of another trajectory, circling into completion the attempt to connect with the Goddess. This performance - discussion was an unparalleled method of understanding "HER and BLISS" through chapters.
Read the entire article
- Jnanapravaha Quarterly Newsletter Jan-Mar 2011

Anita Ratnam Talks to Devi Ravi
- sydhwaney.com, July 2010
"Every performance of mine is different & unique. I can proudly say that they have never been done before."

The off-beat and interesting tribute to women...
- Swagat, May 10, 2010

Anita Ratnam shows the moves
- Radhika Mohan, Buzz Bureau, Chennai, April 10, 2010
The dance ballet echoes the search of a woman, for the woman within.

Dance Whirl
- indianexpress.com, Apr 08, 2010
Mythology met modernity as Chennai-based dancer Anita Ratnam brought her new work, the quirkily titled Ma3KA, to the Kamani Auditorium on Monday.

Risky and vulnerable
- Neehar Mishra, The Hindu, April 7, 2010
Anita Ratnam on her recent performance of Ma3ka in New Delhi

Anita Ratnam's 'MA3KA' at Can-Stop's Annual Fund raiser Event
- chennaidailyphoto.com, Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The radiating power of three: Ma3ka
- Pratima Sagar, Hyderabad, www.narthaki.com, 28 Feb, 2010

Myth crosses over to reality
By Leela Venkataraman, The Hindu, Friday Review, 8 Jan 2010

Calling all earth mothers
The New Indian Express - Jan 02, 2010

'I am not a peaceful, calm person'
By Nadine Kreisberger , indianexpress.com, 3 Jan 2010

Reinventing the Triangle
Cadence Mandybura
expressbuzz.com, 2 Jan 2010

"This production is so different that it's a challenge, a risk, and also deliciously naughty to try to prick this safe cocoon of classicism this space represents," says Anita Ratnam, the mastermind and primary artiste of the ambitiously contemporary, Ma3ka. While purists might find the bold experimentation overwhelming, audience members are sure to be touched by some segment of this rigorously imagined and executed production.

The concept of three pervades the entire work. Anita dances within a triangle delineated on the stage, and the performance is divided Saraswati, Anita's mother last year. "It made me re-evaluate or rethink what am I doing, what is life about, why am I dancing, what do I have to say now - I'm in my fifties, I've lived such an interesting varied life, it was a time in my life for it all to come together," says the dancer.

The contemporary work is finely crafted.

Rex, visual designer for the work, explains the nuanced interpretations and abstractions sewn into the fabric of the work. "Of the three, the white Saraswati costume is my favourite," he says. "It's actually a quilt we made out of three saris - one from her grandmother, one from her mother, and one her own." The Lakshmi section is one of the most memorable, featuring an sequence of runwaymodel walks, as Anita paces through various personas she has held during her life, such as model, stage actor, and film personality. In the musical score you'll find the familiar Nokia ring lurking among other modern effects. "I feel that there's something called urban abhinaya - way we tweet and other little gestures we do. Why not bring them into dance" explains Anita.

Ancient, modern, timeless, specific - tackles the whole spectrum. As all adventuresome performances, takes time for audiences to adjust their palates to the new flavours.

But such a richly designed work surely promises delicacies.

Celebrating woman power
By Chitra Swaminathan, Preview in The Hindu, 29 Dec 2009

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