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a dance theatre solo by Anita Ratnam

Responses to Dance and Discussion on the Divine Feminine titled HER and BLISS…in chapters, by Anita Ratnam for Jnanapravaha, Mumbai on October 29 & 30, 2010
- Dr. Rashmi Poddar (art historian and cultural curator), Oct 2010
- Kaiwan Mehta (Architect, and Researcher in the field of Visual Culture), Oct 2010

Response to the March 18, 2010 program at Sarojini Naidu School of Communications, University of Hyderabad celebrating Women's Month
By Latha Mani
Your performance was not only interesting but also fun to watch. I enjoyed every moment of it. You, with your energy to innovate, and with an eye for perfection have managed to take your audience to a different realm altogether.
I still can't forget the impact you had on me when you and your sister performed in Delhi with a pure Kalashetra signature. I see that you have evolved so beautifully as a dancer.
By the way I am also trained in Bharata Natyam for many years. But am not active as a dancer. Its a pleasure attending your programs because there is always an element of something new. I hope you always have the energy to treat us to all your experiments.

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