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Ma - Hyphenate (2013)
a dance theatre work by Anita Ratnam
A triptych contemplation on women-Goddesses and the Fire within

Akka Mahadevi - daring- pilgrim- Peace

Meenakshi- fierce - champion- Victory

- compassionate- mother- Abundance

Ma - Hyphenate is an introspective look into the Goddess as Ma - the mother, through the lens/device of the Japanese concept of Ma - where the goddesses’ Hyphenate personae are objectified utilizing stillness, movement, mime and music while equally prioritizing the Hyphenate pregnant-empty negative spaces between those object(ification)s in light, shadows, darkness and silence.

Performance/Costume Design/Co-Choreography/Co-Sound Design: Anita Ratnam
Choreography/Direction: Hari Krishnan
Visual Design: Rex
Music and Sound Design: Vedanth Bharadwaj
Musicians: Sandhya and Subhiksha (vocals), KSR Aniruddha (multi-percussion and jati composition/recitation), Sashirekha (jati recitation), Anil Srinivasan (piano) and Krishna Kishor (Kanjira)

Dr. Anita Ratnam premiered MAA, HYPHENATE, a new solo on April 12, 2013 at Purcell Room, London.

Southbank Centre artist-in-residence, Gauri Sharma Tripathi, is a leading kathak artist whose work is much loved in the UK and India. It is deeply grounded in the classical South Asian dance form, to which she brings a unique, contemporary twist.

Gauri asked three artists - her friends and collaborators Mavin Khoo, Anita Ratnam (who premieres MA - HYPHENATE) and Chitra Sundaram - to share the stage with her for this one-off evening. All are bharatanatyam dancers travelling on a similar artistic journey, involving a departure from and a return to tradition.

'I have invited artists who are great personal friends and share a passion for reinventing the classical forms that ground us. I've watched them flourish in their practice and delight in the idea of reuniting with them all for Alchemy.' - Gauri Sharma Tripathi

There was a post-show discussion after the performance.

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