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Manasi - a journey through the mind...March 2001 - Programme Note

SCENE 1: Prologue
Song establishes the mood. A whirling Kathak dancer symbolises the active mind a Bharathanatyam dancer mimes the lyrics of a strong mind and the importance of mental health.

SCENE 2: Dance and Harmony
A short rhythm sequence with 7 dancers to show the importance of balance and composure of body and mind.

SCENE 3: Torch light parade
Within each of us is a light of love, life and laughter many times it is stolen from us - most times we are women who are left in the dark.

A section dealing with the trials of women and the many roles they play as mother, wife and working professional. Very often lack of understanding at home leads to depression and suicide.

SCENE 4: Song of hope and consolation

SCENE 5: Children's Rap song
Where a child is reduced to a robot in today’s mechanized world. Using a silambam (stick) as a metaphor, the mechanical movements and the eventual collapse of the child are woven as he/ she demonstrate hostility, violence, aggression and run away from home.

SCENE 6: Phobias
The various kinds of mental states from fear of illness to the fear of noise or untidiness.

SCENE 7: Stigma
Intolerance and cruelty to the mentally disabled. A group of people in a street scene ….. how thoughtless and unkind people can be to one another. Stigma of a mentally disabled person treated without compassion and banished from society.

SCENE 8: Headache / Tension and stages of Schizophrenia, gradual deterioration of physical and mental faculties.

SCENE 9: Song in praise of medical professionals who work for rehablitation.

SCENE 10: Dare to share
Finale of joy, hope and responsibility.