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Naachiyar - mystic search for the divine - Responses
Dance Theatre Productions
75 mins, 2000

From the Audience

Your performance par excellence has kept our members spell bound... the new dimension given to "Andal" by you is still the "talk of the town". Hats off to you and your team!

Dr S. RANGARAJAN, President, Rotary Coimbatore Central

"Naachiyar" is indeed a piece of gem. Beautiful conception, evocative choreography and masterly execution makes "Naachiyar" one of the outstanding production of our times. I can say no more. Simply great.


It was such a pleasure to watch your performance at Aurangabad. Your fluid grace and mudras and bhavanais were a treat to watch. It was the first time that I was seeing the use of a prop in a Bharatanatyam dance (the conch that you used to describe Panchajanyam.)... I am eagerly waiting to see you on stage again.

P S GANESH, Aurangabad

I immigrated to US around 1970 and since then I am stationed in US East coast. I have been following your career since you started as Anchor woman in USA... I was at your very modern presentation of Nachiar Andal Thiruppavai at T.Nagar (Chennai).

Let me congratulate you for the superb Dance Drama. Your novel approach of combining Hindu Mythology with Modern American Drama will in my opinion be a sure hit with young American boys who want to understand our Indian Dance but are afraid of asking or enjoying it. May be your novel approach will open their Indian Cultural Window for them!!


I'm a Tamil expatriate living in London for the past 26 years (a primary school teacher by profession). We made it a point to visit Chennai during the music season this year. Your dance drama topped the list as our favourites (the reason being - it was MODERN, PURE and TRADITIONAL. Above all it was in TAMIL!)

Your production NAACHIYAR took us to another world! We liked your approach - NEW but STILL PURE. We are also feeling very happy to know that the well known artists like you are researching the Sangam literature for new ideas. Inclusion of the artist Revathy on the dance stage was another commendable idea!

Bharatnatyam as an ancient, wonderful art should not die and many many youngsters must be encouraged to be your followers. You have to be the role model for them!


It was a wonderful treat you provided us with your brilliant choreographic presentation of Naachiyar... a delightful spiritual experience... You were able to portray the agony, the anger and the ecstasy of Andal well supported by flawless movements through jathis. I wish we have more and more people like you who render such great service to rich Alwar legacy. It is also the fact that people like you are the new cultural ambassadors both within our wide country and outside who can blend rich traditon with modern idiom.

Hema Raghavan, Principal, Gargi College, New Delhi

Congrats on your excellent performance on 20th. There were certain scenes that brought tears to my eyes.

R S Ramkumar, Dancer, Chennai

Thanks for inviting us and thanks for a lovely show. The tale was unknown to me and it was very emotional in parts. Loved the way the piece was influenced by kathakali- my most precious moments. Urges me to work with you, direct parts of it, be in some, dancing with you.

Atul Kumar, Theatre Director, Mumbai