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NEELAM...Drowning in Bliss - Response
A solo by Anita Ratnam
75 mins, 2006

Ecstatic evening at NCPA - Neo bharatam dance by Anita Ratnam
The settings of the dance theatre, the incredible costumes created by visual designer Rex, the lingering melodies of the flute and the piano and the elegant dances by Anita Ratnam resulted in an ecstatic and unforgettable evening for the audience. For Anita Ratnam, dance is a language of faith. The fond memories will linger on....
- www.chummachumma.blogspot.in, Sep 17, 2015

The performance  left me with many associations... with a resonance of chant. prayer... A personal Offering. The lamp. Incense and the flower. It made me re associate the mundane and supernatural in a series of arresting fragmented images rather than an unbroken chronological experience of drowning in bliss that one associates with more classical interpretations of Vaishnav literature. The sound tracks and sensitive lights added dimensions to the experience recreating the magic of the sanctum at times and at others the dark space of silence where the devotee longs for union with arms out streched.
- Kathak dance-actor Sanjukta Wagh, Sep 14, 2015

Neelam - A rasika’s thoughts
- Hema Iyer Ramani

"Hats off to your Neo Bharatam. IT was proof to how well an artiste can make use of the technological aspects of performance and yet dominate it - all with just one movement, flicker of a mudra. I love it when you SAY something on stage. This is what classical dance generally lacks... THOUGHT... hope to see more and more of your works."
- Katyayani Thota, dancer, Hyderabad

Dear Anita, Last evening was wonderful – your performance was beautifully conceptualized and delivered with perfection.  It was highly innovative while retaining a classical touch.  Your use of audio and visual effects as means of expression, and not just as enhancers, was particularly remarkable.  Our audience enjoyed the performance thoroughly.
- Kami Narayan, Trustee, Kala Mandir Trust, Oct 23, 2011

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