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This is the Picture - Back Stage
Contemporary Dances (Short Solo)
10 mins, 1999

Selecting six gestures distinctive to Anita, was the first step to innovation.

"The way I stand with my hands on my hips was one, brushing my hair back (a constant gesture during rehearsals!) was another, wiping my nose (a very bad habit I must say!) with my hand, the way I shrug my shoulders when I talk, the way I crouch down looking for lost things under furniture (especially our family pet dogs!), and the imperious call for a taxi mostly when I am in New York, helped create the movements!" chuckled Anita.

"Helped by New York choreographer Jaan Freeman I completed UNRAVELLED and THIS IS THE PICTURE based on six of my personal gestures. Whenever I have performed these dances the reaction has been unanimous astonishment. How is it possible for a woman like me who has a larger-than-life image in her country to actually make fun of herself? "Laugh and the world laughs with you", my grandmother said in her own unique Tamil aphorism. By refusing to become the perfectly manicured cover girl that media in India is determined to fashion me into, I have given myself permission to fail and to continue my journey."