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Poems for the Eye - Expressions Of Love, Longing and Loneliness - Synopsis
Dance Theatre Production
60 mins, 1995

The Tamil Sangam poems, written in India around the 1st century AD are elegant precursors to the full-blown religious and erotic sentiments that reached its peak between 9th and 12th centuries.The tone of the Sangam poems are wry, ironic, abstract and yet precise. The women were able to embrace all qualities of sensuality with sence. The Sangam poems are replete with images that offer visual and movement possibilities. In "Poems for the Eye" the dance is co-extensive with A.K.Ramanujan's poetic transcreations of the Tamil Sangam world, its sounds, colours, textures and especially movements. The akam love poems speak of a woman's 'interior landscape'. Situations are imagined where women would find themseleves sharing delightful, indiscreet intimacies. Props, whenever used, become metaphors for the unseen presence of man.

The choreographic style employed in this production is Bharatanatyam with all its kinetic tautness and richness of rhythmic expression.