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SPIRALS, a convergence of dance, music and theatre
featuring Anita Ratnam with Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan  (2014) - Synopsis

Scene One
Anita Ratnam and Anil Srinivasan

In the twilight, under water, refracted moonbeams on moss, the mind wanders and limbs float on the ripples of memory and dreams. The choreography and music follow and play off each other's moods of silence and movement. The structured improvisation in both disciplines reflect and refract the layers of depth and immersion.

Scene Two
MUSIC featuring Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan
Songs in adoration of Perumal/Vishnu through the voice poet Andal ( 8th century)

Scene Three
DANCE - BLOOM with Anita Ratnam
Recorded score featuring Anil Srinivasan and Subhiksha Rangarajan
A traditional composition of poet Annamayya ( 15th century)

A benediction in praise of the Goddess of Wealth and Well being. Mahalakshmi who rises from the great churning, bringing her beauteous smile and charm to light our hearts and homes. Her many moods and forms, her numerous manifestations and the waves of love that surround her lotus eyed radiance.

Scene Four
MUSIC featuring Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan
Songs in adoration of VISHNU in HIS many forms

Scene Five
Anita Ratnam with Sikkil Gurucharan and Anil Srinivasan
A traditional composition of Muthuswami Dikshitar (18th century)

Set in the pattern of the Carnatic music system of Ragam Tanam and Pallavi, this iconic song by the late great composer Muthuswami Dikshitar, extols the glory of Prince Rama. The well known and beloved legend of the Ramayana is retold through a masculine lens and a single prop of a long garland.

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