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Suvvadu - October 2000 - Programme Note

Scene 1: A guided tour through a museum. Frozen images of life, joint families and innocent love.

Scene 2: Once upon a time. Journey through fact and fable, myth and metaphor.

Scene 3: A teenager's view of everyday life. Faces of hidden violence - menace behind smiling faces, suspicions that alienate and destroy.

Scene 4: Dance class. Envy,frustration and bitterness... the killing of individual imagination and creativity.

Scene 5: Rap song . Predicaments of student life.

Scene 6: The enigma of a woman’s masquerade - now commanding and confident, now crouching and submissive, now...

Scene 7: “Little” people and “giant” influences. The Mahatma celebrated.

Scene 8: Grand finale.