Contemporary Dances (Short Duet)
5 mins, 1999

Programme Note

A collaborative work with Mark Taylor, Artistic Director, Dance Alloy, Pittsburgh, USA. In June 1999, Anita Ratnam visited the USA along with two senior members of the Arangham Dance Theatre Group, Aarti Bodani and L.Narendra Kumar. A ten day workshop was arranged at Pittsburgh, through the initiative and planning of Bill Bissell, Administrative Director, and Mark Taylor, Artistic Director, Dance Alloy, Pittsburgh.

During this session, they learnt "phrases" of modern dance and combined it with Bharatanatyam "adavus" (etudes). The upshot was a delightful vignette of urban friendship between a boy and a girl. "Ta-ki-ta-tease" covers the gamut of emotions experienced when boy-meets-girl for the first time, with its flamboyance, self consciousness, little tugs of jealousy and generosity and the chronic desire to impress!

The music is the distinctive work of the Afro-European women's group "Zap-Mamma".

The work was premiered in July 1999 at Houston. It was premiered to an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response at Chennai in March 2000 during "eX-Tradition", a showcase of Arangham's work at Alliance Francaise.

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Back Stage

Commenting on his role in "Ta-ki-ta-tease" Narendra said "I decided to break out from the classical mould and image myself after my beloved Tamil film super hero, Rajnikant, for my role in this piece!" Narendra has brought in many of the actor's mannerisms to enhance his presentation and give it an inimitable style. Aarti found it "an extremely exciting and fun-filled experience, especially incorporating modern dance rhythms into the routine."

Critics Speak

While Narendra brought out a lively hip hop kind of josh to his dance, Aarti Bodani retained a seriousness and gentleness in hers.
- V R Devika, The Hindu, Friday, April 7, 2000

Another piece that sent the crowds into the clouds was Ta-ki-ta-tease.
- Kutcheri Buzz, April 2000

Ta-ki-ta-tease was particularly lilting based on a three beat rhythm (hence ta-ki-ta). Both Narendra and Aarti had a good understanding.
- Priya Murle chennaionline.com, April 2000

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