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Tarkaash (The Quiver) - Back Stage
Contemporary Dances (Solo)
60 mins, 1999

Talking about the choreography for "Tarkaash", Anita said, "As a springboard to choreography, I have used the movement motif of the devout at prayer, the reading of the Koran, the spiralling turn of the dervish, the Haj pilgrimages, the mystical trances of the Sufis, images from Morocco and Turkey, conversations with American Muslims and the perceptions of Eastern Europe immigrants, to piece together the huge disparity and also the commonality of the 5 Pillars that they revere. The 5 Pillars uphold Allah as the only God, the importance of praying 5 times a day, the need to fast, the need to give charity and the importance of the pilgrimage to Haj. A storehouse of ideas also came from enthralling scenes of old Hindi movies, nostalgic love songs and immensely rich Urdu poetry, to reflect the life and the living of a vibrant culture with its intricate crafts and workmanship and exquisite social graces," smiled Anita.