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Talking Drums - Back Stage
Contemporary Dances
12 mins, 1999, 7-10 Dancers

Speaking about the Houston experience, Anita Ratnam said "I have known and admired Rathna Kumar for many years and was delighted to accept her invitation to work with her company. I had never worked with teenage dancers before and this visit forced me revisit my tradition and discover the elements which could translate across age groups and a variety of talents".

Narendra and Aarti also felt that it was a great learning experience and they made some fine friends. "I was so impressed by their punctuality and their commitment, even though they aren't regular dancers," said Narendra. "It was really nice to see them so stimulated and innovative by the end of our workshop with them," confided Aarti.

"Talking Drums" was re-performed by Anjali's dancers at the Arthur Miller Outdoor Arena, Houston, for India's Independence Day on August 15th,1999.

Another short item from the repertoire, "Vinayaaka", was also re-performed by Anjali's dancers on August 28, 1999 at the Ganesha Temple in Houston. Rathna Kumar acknowledges too that "this item is one of the most popular items in our repertoire."