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Talking Drums - Critics Speak
Contemporary Dances
12 mins, 1999, 7-10 Dancers

"Talking Drums was a dance quake generated by the dynamic friction of dance tradition and innovation in the fertile mind of the renowned dancer-choreographer Anita Ratnam... It is certainly a trail blazing program that will be talked about for a long time.
V.Prabhakar, Community News, Houston


The entire experience was extremely moving and emotional for me. Being part of the discussions before choreography was set and then performing ("Unsaid" in particular) helped me see the connection between dance and life. It reflected my own journey as a woman and the non-beautiful moments in life and relationships.

Mini Paul, Dancer, Anjali Dance Company, Houston

I normally stay away from dance shows of any sort but this is one programme I enjoyed thoroughly, especially "Forest Frenzy".

Jayanth Ramakrishnan, Director, Houston Operations, Dynacs Eng.Co.Inc.