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U-Ma! the elements within
- 60 Mins - March 2001 - Synopsis

Commissioned exclusively for the "Woman & Peace" Colloquium held by The British Council between 17 - 19 March, 2001 at New Delhi, "U-MA!" comprises dramatic monologues that portray perceptions on women.

Using traditional and contemporary images, the story traces Goddess Uma's battle to harmonise the 5 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space. The work begins with a provocative monologue from Irish playwright Michael Collins' play "Anna Weiss", to capture the power of the feminine principle.

From "ANNA WEISS": There comes a time when you wake up... I don't mean from sleep, you're not even asleep, but you wake up from what you have BEEN... You think... is this what Iam... this this hole? You're wandering around like a walking dead... and then CHOOSING LIFE... choosing to live... that is the hardest thing...

From U-MA!: She wanted to attain Shiva... she had to renounce all comforts and begin a rigorous penance in the forests. When her mother heard this she cried out in distress "U - MA!"... Oh no... and from that moment on, the goddess Parvati also became known as UMA.

She set up her hermitage... she calmed her mind and disciplined her senses and began her tapas...

All the elements spiralled within and around her, climbing upwards... earth, fire, water and air made wide circles and the space bore winess to her sacred adventure...

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