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This interdisciplinary work combines dance, movement, storytelling and improvisation to re-tell mythological metaphors in a contemporary way. Keeping with the theme of the BHUTA YAGNA and ecology, Anita and her team of three musicians and set/lighting designers have created multiple narratives to reimagine our cultural metaphors.

Mahavishnu and his eternal image atop the milky ocean... the chants of Margazhi and the urgent call of the earth are all part of the voices  in UN-EARTH  

Concept Choreography and Performance: ANITA RATNAM

Music and Sound Design created by musicians
Voice: Subhiksha Rangarajan
Guitar: Vedanth Bharadwaj
Multi Percussion: Krishna Kishor
Costumes: Paromita Bannerjee
Sets: Anisha Verghese
Lighting Design: Victor Paulraj   

January 12, 2012
A special presentation for Kala Vardini, at Music Academy.  Anita in a joint presentation with Aditi Mangaldas and Nrityagram dancers on the five yagnas for man.

About Pancha Maha Yajna - An Evening of Dance and Recognition of Inspiring Role Models


Dear Ms. Anita,
I am a follower of Swami Dayanand and I attended the Pancha Maha Yagna program.  The concept you chose was very good and it was an eye opener.
Though Swamiji is 82+, he is very practical.  He must have been pleasantly surprised. We invoke Ishwara everywhere (every creature, be it river, mountain, tree, all living creatures) and as Swamiji mentioned in his closing remarks, you have indirectly informed all of us to be more responsible. This is Vedantic view and you are perfectly right.  Your contribution is great.

Ravvichandran Muthudikshadar, Jan 13, 2012
e-mail: ravvichandran@gmail.com

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