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VAITHARANI.. the crossing - Programme Note
A solo dance-theatre performance by Anita Ratnam
60 mins, 2002

In a second, the faintest perfume may send us plummeting to the roots of our being, our whole life verticalized by a fleeting sensation: we have been connected by a mere smell to another place and another time. All our experiences are like that haunting scent. Time itself is cyclic, and by the spiral of its returning seasons we review the progress and growth of our own understanding. Ours is the spiral house we build to keep us from life's continuous outpouring, from an otherwise unchecked flow into the unknown.

Going on means going far
Going far means returning

All ancient cultures speak of the journey of the soul after it has left the physical body. In ancient Hindu and Tibetan writings, death is a necessary rite of passage for the voyage of the soul. Through the myriad landscapes that the soul traverses, a hot and bloody river gushes in its path. This is VAITHARANI, the river of memories which is the daunting reminder of time, human life and all our actions we have made and experienced. At that river bank the soul can make a decision to return to its spiral path and assume another life-form for another chance at a life-experience. To cross the dangerous river is to forget everything, only to remember that cooling waters and healing streams are also waiting to claim your tired soul from another chance at life..

The mind weeps at what it has lost
The soul laughs at what it has found