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We would sincerely like to thank all our well wishers in India and abroad, who have contributed to our work in this section so far.

In our bid to preserve, sustain and revive an interest in ritual arts, support the handful of artistes practising the dying tradition as well as develop a new body of artistes who can continue the tradition within the temples, Arangham Trust welcomes outside help and contributions.

All cheques or money orders (national and international) can be made to "Arangham Trust" and will be acknowledged.

Contributions made in Indian rupees will enjoy tax exemption under Section 80 G.

Kaisiki Natakam
Arangham has begun pioneering work in reviving a tenth century performance art unique to temples in southern Tamil Nadu. Traditional communities of dancers and musicians and their invaluable repertoire and literature of ritual performances like "Kaisiki Natakam" are being sustained and revived so that their art can breathe again. ...details

Project Kaushal

is another sphere of Arangham's revival work, where we hope to amalgamate and forge dynamic links with Indian craft communities as well as folk dance and theatre groups. ...details

Arayer Sevai
a visual enactment of the passionate expression by Vaishnavite saints which were an integral part of Vishnu worship 1000 years ago, is now confined to a handful of practitioners who themselves are on the threshold of fading away. Arayer Sevai which means 'the service or offering of the royal priests' falls under the category of drama. ...details

If you would like to know more details about ARTS ALERT or would like to contribute to the programme, contact us

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