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Into the Moment - a journey to the innermost intuition
- Gil Alon, Actor, Director, Singer from Israel
e-mail: g_alon@hotmail.com or gilalon2000@yahoo.com

A noted theatre and film personality from Israel, Gil Alon is a Reiki master and a follower of Zen Buddhism. On March 25, 2002, during his first visit to Chennai, Anita Ratnam and Arangham Trust organized Alon's "Into the Moment - a journey to the innermost intuition".

The creativity workshop using Zen Buddhism Meditation Techniques found 32 participants put through various types of dynamic and quiet meditation techniques, joined with various theater exercises such as music, movement, expression, emotions and words. A special workshop to deepen and develop personal creativity, all participants had to put aside previous beliefs and opinions and strive to reach the eternal present moment, to find the true inner voice, without the need to excel or to be the best.

Lalitha Venkat's response after attending Alon's workshop:
The choreographic abilities of even non-dancers came to the fore because there was no 'trying to be the best' attitude from anyone. It was just joy of movement. Irrespective of age - the oldest was 47 and youngest was 15 - the room came alive with naughty, weepy, happy, sporty, dancing 5 year olds. Physical exercises were alternated with sedate exercises... In a matter of 3 hours, we agonized, fought, laughed, created, spoke to 'strangers', guided and were guided. No self-consciousness, no trying to be best, as Gil put it, just being ourselves.

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