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"Earth's Scent"
- Karen & Allen Kaeja, Canada

On invitation from Arangham Trust to Kaeja d'Dance (Canada), Allen and Karen Kaeja visited Chennai in November - December 2002, to teach and perform at The Other Festival 2002. Their intense 3 week workshop at Chennai with select dancers, worked towards a short segment "Earth's Scent", which was then presented at The Other Festival too.

The work looks at how people are the embodiment of many layers and experiences. Dancers examine the multi-faceted personalities of each individual and their complex relations within their community. The conflicts and resolutions of an instant is amplified through partnering and intricate physical communications with gestures and fluid movement.

A Critic's response to their work:
December 5, 2002 - KAEJA d' DANCE, "lifeDUETS", Contemporary Dance - Duet & Group

The Canadian dancing couple Karen and Allen Kaeja, gave Chennai their first experience of contact dancing at The Other Festival, Chennai. Theirs is a very physical style filled with graceful, fluid movements, also marked by a sense of intimacy and tenderness brought on by the almost continuous body contact... The most exciting part for the local audience was 'Earth Scent,' a collaboration with local artists, in a style based on that of the Kaejas,'nevertheless including some of the traditional stances and steps of Bharatanatyam... The adaptability of these dancers to a changed milieu and to a different set of rules was remarkable.
ROOPA LAL, www.horizons.com, December 2002

For more details, visit theotherfestival.com

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