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Explorations through Music & Dance

- With Cellist, Uwe Schade (Germany)

"The whole encounter with Uwe was very very experimental!" declared Anita Ratnam. "He played the cello and I tried out all kinds of movement styles. I tried out warm-up exercises, martial arts, mythological and western fairy tale narration accompanied with movement... We worked in 30 minute blocks and then talked about the process."

Following the initial exploration, Anita and Uwe had informal discussions with Ms Prasanna Ramamurthy, Max Mueller Bhavan, on the possibilities of a joint collaboration based on the theme of water.

Uwe's own reactions to the encounter: "The images of our meeting are coming up, gleaming! These few days with you were absolutely inspiring and I'm looking forward to meet you again in the summer. I am talking to some people to get them involved in the "water-project" and they were very interested! Slowly but surely..."

Frank and realistic as always, Anita said, "These encounters between artistes are always very exciting but getting more and more expensive to realize. I am always thrilled to meet daring and like-minded artistes but the enormous effort to make things happen, drains all your energy. Even financially it can turn out to be unrewarding. One has to constantly remind oneself about the validity of collaboration... "

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