StudentConcepts & THE OTHER FESTIVAL  

An early experiment of involving the youth of Chennai to participate in the event logistics of THE OTHER FESTIVAL,  has proved a phenomenal success.   

Arangham Trust and Prakriti Foundation tied up with, at that time fledgling youth conglomerate, STUDENTCONCEPTS  in 2000 and has never looked back! With a membership now of over 11,000 students from around India, this organization is growing in leaps and bounds and poised to make a huge difference in how the youth of a nation think, work and develop. 

Young volunteers from the “Work-a-While” group of StudentConcepts, who are in between their studies or want to watch the artistic process, enthusiastically enlist at the annual event and vie for more! 

The seven-day training in green room requirements, stage & technical set up, artistes & audience management, overall venue logistics, etc, has become an ideal hands-on training opportunity with a lot of fun, camaraderie and freebies thrown in! 

The popularity of the tie-up echoed in the words of MANOJ KUMAR, Co-Founder and CEO of StudentConcepts:  
“Greetings! The entire StudentConcepts.com would like to say “THANK YOU!!!”  

THE OTHER FESTIVAL is one of our most cherished events that we look forward to. It’s the only event where students from different colleges meet, work hard, have heaps of fun and end up as best friends! A bonding that has to be seen to believe! The experience that they receive in the areas of delegation, administration, management, customer service, problem solving, handling pressure situations is so high and rich that we (and their parents) feel the students have matured so much in 7 days! 

We thank you so much for the opportunity that you have given a young company like ours. We appreciate it and we will cherish it forever! We are already thinking of the next THE OTHER FESTIVAL!”