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Anita Ratnam has received several awards and recognition for her work in the performing arts.

"In a way, awards reflect people's love. I feel so charged with this recognition and thank the organisations that have selected me for their honours. Awards boost your ego, enhance responsibility and make you more committed to your work.

I am lucky to have had wonderful gurus who have encouraged me and made me work very hard in my early years. That is what is helping me today.

For me, dance is the energy to be "every woman" and not just a dancer alone! I have chosen a difficult path, bridging the gap between the traditional and contemporary. But I am committed to creating and choreographing works which speak to me…which communicate with audiences 'from heart to heart'." Anita Ratnam

Below are listed a few of her awards

  • SAHRUDAYA RANJAKA by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Chennai, 2004
  • LALITHAKALA RATNA by Sri Lalithakala Academy Foundation Trust (Inc.), Mysore, 2003
  • NATYA RATNA by Sri Shanmukhananda Sangeeta Sabha, New Delhi, 2003
  • BHARATHA KALA RATHINAM by Sri Sankara Bhagavadpadacharya Paramaparagatha His Holiness Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathi Jagathguru Sri Sankaracharya Swamigal (February 2001)

Other Awards:

  • ALTERNATIVE POETRY WORLD COMPETITION – FIRST PRIZE, Aberdeen, Scotland (For www.anitaratnam.com) 2004
  • INDEPENDENT ART HOUSE WEBSITE FESTIVAL- FIRST PRIZE, Stockholm, Sweden (For www.anitaratnam.com) 2004
  • INDEPENDENT CYBER UNDERGROUND WEB AWARDS 2004 - GOLD, Amsterdam, Holland (For www.anitaratnam.com) 2004
  • PRICE AWARD, Shakespeare Millennium Club, Chennai 2004
  • VIBRANT INDIAN AWARD, Developers' India, Chennai, 2002
  • WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2000, Citation awarded to 200 best women professionals by the American Biographical Institute (ABI), North Carolina, USA

Dance and Theatre

  • KALAIMAMANI, (For Dance Research), Govt. of Tamilnadu, Chennai (Madras) , 1998
  • UGADI PURASKAR, Telugu Academy, Chennai (Madras), 1997
  • NRITYA CHOODAMANI, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Chennai (Madras), 1996
  • MADURA KALA PRAVEENA, Madurai 1996
  • BHARATA KALA RATNA, Chennai (Madras), 1995
  • SINGAR MANI, Mumbai (Bombay), 1975
  • ARUT KALAI SELVI, Govt. of Tamilnadu, 1974
  • SUR SINGAR SANSAD, Mumbai (Bombay), 1971
  • UNESCO Award for outstanding young artiste, 1970


  • MEDIA ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, New York (National Organization of Women), 1991
  • OUTSTANDING TV AMBASSADOR, Cleveland, USA (Federation of Indian Associations), 1988
  • MAHATMA GANDHI AWARD for Cultural Understanding, New York, 1986

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