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Founded by Anita Ratnam in 1992, Arangham Trust is a cultural foundation that seeks to explore, enrich and promote the performing and visual arts of India and to contemporize the rich tapestry of Indian creativity for modern audiences. Through collaborations, workshops, seminars and cultural outreach activities, numerous talented but lesser-known artistes have found a voice and a platform. (Check Workshops/Arts in Education)

From 1998 to 2006, December 1-7, Arangham Trust and Anita Ratnam co- produced at Chennai, THE OTHER FESTIVAL, an international contemporary arts festival. (Check www.theotherfestival.com)

"When I returned from spending twelve years in the USA as a television producer, I found myself in my hometown of Chennai once again but so many things had changed.

I had lived a different life and my work and future attitude would have to reflect that in my art. I also had learnt so many valuable lessons about management, media and working with people and respecting deadlines...

I put all that to good use and created ARANGHAM TRUST, a foundation to encourage interaction between dance and life. ARANGHAM has the business structure to attract sponsorships and support from the corporate sector. It also works as the main organisation that supports and nurtures various aspects of my cultural life: organising arts festivals, helping revive temple ritual practice, choreograph dance shows." Anita Ratnam

In 1993, Anita Ratnam created Arangham Dance Theatre (ADT), the performance company. It comprises a team of young, professional dancers from around Chennai, who work with Anita Ratnam's individualistic dance-theatre style. The professional dance company presents its work around India and beyond and has been acclaimed for its innovative and contemporary approach. (Check Active Repertoire)

As Artistic Director of Arangham Dance Theatre (ADT), Anita has created a wide repertoire reflecting the dynamic heritage of India. She has forged alliances with several dance and theatre companies to create full-length evening works for world audiences. In each collaboration, her keen aesthetic, rooted Indianness and avant-garde vision can be seen at play. (Check International Collaborations)

ADT also actively creates work for the corporate sector and for several NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) who wish to highlight their work with a difference. In association with Chennai-based NGOs like The Banyan, CAN STOP (Cancer - Support Therapy to Overcome Pain), SCARF (Schizophrenia Research Foundation), Ability Foundation and NAB (National Association for the Blind) Art's work "speaks" for the times, forging deeper bonds of love and awareness between patients, family and society. (Check Art & Activism)

Members of ADT also participate in other activities of Arangham Trust, the umbrella arts foundation that include "Arangham Interactive," the Education-Outreach Programs that visit schools and colleges, conducting workshops on the joy of movement and sharing India's cultural heritage. (Check Workshops/Arts in Education).

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