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"Arangham" is a Tamil word meaning "stage"…"performing space"…

The dance-led cultural foundation seeks to explore, enrich and promote the performing and visual arts of India and to contemporize the rich tapestry of Indian creativity for modern audiences.

Arangham Trust was set up in 1992 at Chennai (Madras), India, by ANITA RATNAM - dancer/choreographer, transcultural collaborator, television personality and cultural activist. ...details

Arangham Dance Theatre:
The performance company was established in 1993. ADT creates full-length classical and contemporary dance theatre productions, cross-cultural experimentations and exclusive programmes for corporates, NGOs as well as for young audiences. Rooted in tradition, the repertoire uses classical, contemporary, folk motifs and movements, masks, veils and simple props, to showcase the variety and depth of Indian dance. ...details

Ritual & Revival:
Focussing on the revitalisation of ancient Tamil performance arts, the Trust has revived "Kaisiki Natakam" a 13th century ritual theatre tradition practised in just one temple in Tamilnadu. After a 50-year hiatus it had its first all-night revival performance in November 1999 at the renowned Vishnu shrine in Tirukurungudi, Tamilnadu. The renaissance work continues… Research and documentation simultaneously go on of "Arayer Sevai", an almost extinct 10th century elaborate mime and movement style practised by Tamil temple priests in only three South Indian Vishnu temples. Ratnam is incorporating the valuable research into her dance-art vocabulary.

The Other Festival:
Established in 1998, India's only annual, avant-garde international arts festival was celebrated every December 1-7. Anita Ratnam co-produced and directed this pioneering platform for new vocabularies in the visual and performing arts from 1998 to 2006. More details available at www.theotherfestival.com

A global directory of Indian dance, the two best-selling editions of Narthaki (1992 & 1997) has expanded from the year 2000 into an invaluable e-service that is an essential networking tool for the international dance community. The site enjoys over 4 lakh hits each month.

Web Awards:
www.arangham.com & www.anitaratnam.com constantly reinvent their web presence and continue to enjoy much public and critical applause. ...details

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