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75 mins, 2002

"The theme of displacement has dictated the play's structure and elements.

I have attempted a woven tapestery, a collage and montage, rather a fusion of the aural and visual images of memories and remembrances of both tragic and joyful nature. I have attempted something like a moving installation which is switching between lyrical grandiloquence and lively rap/jazz; there's a lot going on, in, over and under. The open form and the absence of clear dialogue structure is towards rendering the text frayed and shimmering, but also to be something enticing and puzzling, exploring an infinite array of possibilities for interpretation.

This may make it difficult for a viewer who works within an already laid out reference framework. But I'm not making an assembly line product. I create to push my frontiers forward and renew the medium!

I must make special mention of the production support from Anita Ratnam. It is something very significant as one artist supporting another, that too in the same performance discipline is a very touching gesture."

Producer and performer ANITA RATNAM, sharing her thoughts on this unusual collaboration says:
"This play is as much Indian in artistic statement as anything else. Personally for me this work is a landmark. It opens up a whole new way of working with an ensemble of equals. It brings out the best in you and sharpens your resolve to be focussed.

In my art, collaboration is of primary importance. By bringing together several artistic disciplines, we weave an inimitable fabric that celebrates the diversity of our thoughts and modes of working. This has been a wonderful opportunity to work with top professionals in theatre, dance and music.

The work really excited me as an artist and choreographer. Another aspect that has been really interesting and challenging has been creating movement design based on wordscapes, rather than familiar soundscapes so vital to dance!

I certainly want to do MORE of such theatre!"

PC Ramakrishna: A thrilling experience!
Bhagirathy Narayanan: I am getting an idea of what post-modernism is all about through this work.
Revathy Sankkaran: I always like to try my hand at something offbeat!