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NEELAM...Drowning in Bliss - Credits
A solo by Anita Ratnam
75 mins, 2006

The expanding canvas of imagination inspired by the genius of MS Subbalakshmi is the bedrock of NEELAM. The song "Ranga Pura Vihara" composed by the 18th century musical savant Muthuswamy Dikshitar was immortalised by MS in her prolific concert repertoire. The stillness and serenity of her musical presence has inspired the sound design by Anil Srinivasan and singer Sikkil Gurucharan. Anita has mapped the choreography through her 1971 memory of dancing before MS at the opening night of the Madras Music Academy festival. NEELAM - resonant of the many hues of Lord Vishnu, plays on the cultural memory of the Ramayana myth that inhabits the imagination of millions around the world.

Concept, choreography, performance: Anita Ratnam

Choreographic consultant: Hari Krishnan (inDance, Canada)

Music design: Anil Srinivasan, KSR Aniruddha

Voice: Sikkil Gurucharan, O.S.Arun

Sacred chant: Pradeep Chakravarthy & Revathy Sankkaran

Costume & visual design: Rex

Lighting design: Victor Paulraj