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NEELAM...Drowning in Bliss - Credits
A solo by Anita Ratnam
75 mins, 2006

Inspired by the silent corridors of Vishnu temples in South India, NEELAM illuminates the many  shades of devotion and worship to the Lord. From the voice of 7th century poet saint Andal, through the passionate tones of Saint Annamayya in the 16th century, NEELAM finally rests upn the  undiluted adoration of Muthuswami  Dikshitar in the 18th century. The  dance presentation explores the concept of "prapatti" or total surrender which is unique to Sri Vaisnavism. The choreography draws from the ritual movements of the 'Arayer' chanting priests and  the iconography of Vishnu"s various avatars.. The costume highlights  the concepts of "jeevatma" and "paramatma"- the male-female duality that upholds  Vishnu as  the only masculine presence or "Purisha" and all humanity as the feminine principle. The recorded score and sound design resonate this quiet devotion with the Carnatic music structures of Kritis, ragam. tanam and pallavi. 

NEELAM premiered on the sacred day of Vaikunta Ekadasi nine years ago in Chennai and has been performed to wide acclaim in India and the USA.

Concept, choreography, performance: Anita Ratnam

Choreographic consultant: Hari Krishnan (inDance, Canada)

Music design: Anil Srinivasan, KSR Aniruddha

Voice: Sikkil Gurucharan, O.S.Arun

Sacred chant: Pradeep Chakravarthy & Revathy Sankkaran

Costume & visual design: Rex

Lighting design: Victor Paulraj

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