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Adirohana - The Ascent - India Tour
60 mins, 1998

There were three performances of "Adhirohana" in this city that had a range of reactions. The first performance in December 1999 at the Narada Gana Sabha was to a largely conservative audience and half way through the show many walked out. There were only 20 people left by the end of the performance! None of them wanted to interface with Anita or her dancers. Only two foreigners a German and an American- came forward and expressed their deepest appreciation.

Eight days later, we presented it at Bharat Kalachar to a standing ovation!! The audience was in large part non-resident Indians who had arrived for the holidays. The interface was lively and animated.

Our third performance in December was at Krishna Gana Sabha. Here again the response was mixed but inspiring. Valuable insights provided by scholar/critic Sri Sunil Kothari were immediately incorporated into the production.

Performed during the annual Sharad Vaibhav festival organized by noted danseuse Pratibha Prahalad in January 2000, "Adhirohana" was rated as one among the best of works of the three-day festival. Since the audience had a great many dancers as well, the interface was enthusiastic and lively. Pratibha herself rated the work as "Absolutely lovely!" The media reviews were rapturous. We have even received an invitation to perform the piece in the USA in 2001, besides other cities of India this year.